Friendly mature general practitioner communicating with pleasant 80s male patient, sitting together on sofa. Smiling trustful young doctor giving psychological help to elder man at home visit.

Home healthcare is medical care provided in a patient’s home. When recovering from a serious illness, injury, or surgery, your doctor may prescribe home healthcare as part of a written plan of care. If you have been newly diagnosed with a chronic disease like heart failure, respiratory or kidney disease, diabetes, or Alzheimer’s disease or are having complex medical treatments requiring the use of medical equipment and/or medication monitoring, you may be prescribed home healthcare.

If your care is medically necessary, ordered by your doctor and meets the coverage requirements, Medicare will cover 100% of home healthcare cost for Medicare recipients and most private insurances also cover home healthcare.

Our therapists come to your home and, along with your healthcare team, provide a custom care plan centered around your needs. Home healthcare services include:

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