Falls are a critical concern for seniors because falls can cause serious injuries or even death.  The body changes during the aging process and poor eyesight or hearing can make you more susceptible to a fall.  But besides illness or physical conditions, poor lighting and clutter can also cause a fall.  It is also important to know the side effects of your medications because some medicines can make you unsteady on your feet.

The Mayo Clinic* recommendations on ways to help prevent falls in the homes include the following:

  • Install handrails on stairs and use them when going up or down the stairs
  • Remove throw rugs that do not have a no-slip backing and ensure carpets lay firmly on the ground.
  • Never walk on wet floors
  • Be sure your home is well-lit
  • Keep electrical cords near walls and not in walkways
  • Consider using nightlights to illuminate a room
  • Install grab bars in the bathroom
  • Ask your nurse to review your medication’s side effects to see if any of them will make you unsteady on your feet
  • Consider wearing nonskid shoes
  • Make clear paths in high-traffic areas

Prevent falls with some of the above measures from fall-proofing your home to reviewing your prescriptions.  If you have concerns about the side effects of your medications or would like to learn more ways to help prevent you from falling, talk with one of St. John’s compassionate care team members for fall prevention strategies.


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