Sabrina R. Hogan

Sabrina serves as the Secretary of the Board of Directors of Inspired HomeCare and provides limited support regarding leadership personnel decisions. Sabrina currently is a Sr. Vice-President with La based health insurance provider, focused on provider alignment and provider delivery models. Sabrina’s experience includes serving as the chief operating officer of a 50+ multi-specialty physician… Continue reading Sabrina R. Hogan

Ronald E. Hogan

Ron is a co-founder of the Inspired HomeCare network, along with Jimmie, and serves as the President/CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, leading the daily operational and business development initiatives, as well as identifying opportunities for rapid expansion through capital deployment. Ron brings over 30 years of healthcare ownership and leadership in several… Continue reading Ronald E. Hogan

Jimmie M. Stapleton

Jimmie is a co-founder of the Inspired HomeCare network, along with Ron, and serves as Vice-President of the Board of Directors. Jimmie, while not actively involved in the daily activities, is a significant strength to Inspired, providing key insight and experience regarding matters of strategic significance. Jimmie is the founder, owner, and President/CEO of Dallas-based… Continue reading Jimmie M. Stapleton

Sara Klepal

Sara serves as the Vice-President of Finance, with daily responsibilities for financial oversight, including financial reporting, budgeting, treasury, procurement, and transaction analysis. Sara joined the Inspired HomeCare team in August 2021, having served a key financial leadership role with NavCare Health at Home. Sara’s previous service includes activities in both the private healthcare and governmental… Continue reading Sara Klepal

Christine Sdrenka

Christine serves the Inspired HomeCare network as the Vice-President of the Extended Region, with responsibilities for multi-state operational leadership. Christine joined the Inspired HomeCare team in August 2021, with the acquisition of the NavCare Health at Home providers. Christine brings over 30 years of experience in various post-acute settings, including home based care as well… Continue reading Christine Sdrenka